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We are one of the county's leading Business Support Services providers in Dubai, UAE with core specialization in outsources accounting and finance. What value can we create for you and your business today?
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Our Financial Services
Audit & Assurance Support, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Business Valuation & Assurance, Financial Advisory, Tax Consulting, and Business Management Consulting.
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Our IT Services
IT Project management, Systems Consulting, Apps & Software Development/Implementation, Maintenance & Management, E-Commerce Development, Complete Website Solution, and Digital Graphics

DataPrime Solutions - your trusted business support services provider in Dubai, UAE

Our Core Services

Below is a list of the value we offer our clients. You too can benefit from these!

Audit & Assurance Support

DataPrime helps investors, business owners, and senior financial officers reduce uncertainty and deal with the risks associated with making financial decisions. We provide them with a verified, true, and a complete view of the statements of their company’s financial affairs.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

We help small and emerging businesses in the UAE to manage their accounts while additionally providing them with financial advice. Our service helps them reduce their operating cost, make rational/informed decisions, and adjust & adopt sustainable strategies to increase profitability.

Business Valuation: Liquidation, Mergers, and Acquisition

Calculating the true and fair value of a business, its operations and cash flows is usually difficult, especially for owners and investors. But, this doesn’t have to be. DataPrime provides the best support you’ll ever get for all your acquisition, mergers, liquidation or divestiture related processes.

Financial Advisory: Budgeting, Investment Analysis, Start-up Support, and Feasibility Report

We come alongside business owners, financial officers, and investors in conducting investment analysis, financial feasibility studies, start-up costing and budgeting for the sole aim of ensuring that their decisions today have positive consequences in the days to come.

Our Promise to you

We commit ourselves to building and nurturing deep customized business relationships with you where every engagement upholds human integrity and worth while simultaneously maintaining uttermost professionalism. When you do business with us, you will experience the comfort of having a full-time in-house accounting and finance department while paying for part-time services.

Our Rising Together Special Offer!

Keeping track of and maintaining accurate records of the day – to – day financial activities of any business is one of the most important factors when it comes to reestablishing and maintaining confidence as businesses and organisations emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic. This is the foundation upon which excellent and effective financial decisions will be made for/within any organisation. And DataPrime Solutions is here to support UAE local businesses, organisations, and individuals to reduce the cost of doing this by offering our premium Accounting & Financial services to them free of charge for two months.

Benefits of our Together Offer

  • Get 14 months Accounting and Finance Services for every 12 you pay for
  • Save over AED 30,000 on hiring and overhead cost
  • 40+ years’ experience for below entry level cost
  • Full time service delivered on part time basis and at part time cost
  • No gap in service due to annual leave
  • Record Keeping integrity due to third party services

Our Customers Testimonials

What our happy customers are saying about us and our services…

“DataPrime team is Highly professional & extremely knowledgeable not only about Accounting, Audit Support and VAT Consulting, but also about our organization, how we function and what we need as we grow. We have been working with them since last 3 years & appreciate the care they shown about our organization and want to help us make it the best it can be through valuable advice. We highly recommend DataPrime , if you are looking for a company who can guide you with all the advice needed to grow the business.”
Santosh Shetty
Finance Manager - PNY Technologies Middle East
"DataPrime Solutions has been a great partner for Strong Advice. Their service is personal and customer-focused to our needs. They care about the success of our projects and our bottom line! I highly recommend DataPrime for any CEO that wants to grow their business."
Mike Strong
CEO - Strong Advice FZE

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