Accounting and Bookkeeping

Recording and keeping track of all the cash and financial transactions of any given company in an organized manner is critical to its financial health and budgeting.

This requires the expertise of an accountant who would systematically apply generally accepted accounting principles in the process.

The accounting aspect of an organization’s operations is something that cannot be ruled out, at least not if the company intends on remaining financially smart.

Unfortunately, companies may not always have all the human resources that are needed to carry out this activity. For any small or emerging business, having and maintaining an in – house accountant could be expensive and difficult to sustain within its emerging operating capital.

This is where DataPrime comes in to help! We help small and emerging businesses in the UAE to manage their accounts while additionally providing them with financial advice. Our service helps them reduce their operating cost, make rational/informed decisions, and adjust & adopt sustainable strategies to increase profitability.

Additionally, we provide data entry services that will help save businesses the trouble of having to manually enter different kinds of data such as related to accounting, sales & inventory, marketing, research etc.

Our aim is to relieve our customers of these daunting activities so they can concentrate on increasing profit and creating wealth for their shareholders.

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