Branding and Positioning

Once we’ve helped an organization to decide how it wants to be seen, known & identified in the market through its various strategic analysis efforts, it becomes necessary for the organization to start creating images, symbols, and artefacts that communicate & reflect its business philosophy. The active & visual representation of how a firm views itself, and hopes to be viewed & recognized in the market is what we call the corporate identity and brand positioning. This identity goes beyond the colour schemes, designs, logos, slogans, building look and feel, stationaries. It is supposed to be a perfect reflection of the firm’s reality – its strengths, uniqueness, its intricately complex story and culture, and the robust experiences that their customers are promised. When all of these are captured well through the use of artefacts, images, colours, type and words, we say that the corporate brand or identity is strong.

Through the efforts of our team members and our network of associate firms, we create a strong corporate identity or brand that sets our clients apart in their given industry, and makes it easy for consumers to connect & identify with them. We ensure that this identity resonates with our client’s desired audience, and is able to unleash its potential of evoking loyalty.

Our corporate identity creation & brand positioning includes:

  • Business philosophy and strategic position formulation
  • Brand creation, brand audit or recreation (re-branding)
  • Organizational brand promise alignment and internalization
  • Artefacts and symbols creation, activation and brand illumination.

Our belief is that “it takes a consistent brand promise, internal truth/alignment and customer – defined brand reality, for any effort to create and represent a corporation’s identity through symbols and artefacts to produce an explosive and enduring impact.”

We help businesses to strengthen their brand, and align its internal realities & resources to support the fulfilment of its brand promises and attain glaring illumination. We thrive in illuminating brands until they shine so brightly that others would desire to be associated with them.