Business Valuation: Liquidation, Mergers, and Acquisition

Calculating the true and fair value of a business, its operations and cash flows is usually difficult, especially for owners and investors. But, this doesn’t have to be. DataPrime provides the best support you’ll ever get for all your acquisition, mergers, liquidation or divestiture related processes.

Through the years of practice and experience of our team, DataPrime has perfected the process of combining various financial and scientific methods in the valuation of an entire business or unit(s) of a business for so the sole purpose of providing its fair and true value.

We make sure that individuals or companies that are planning on investing, selling or buying a business do so with a clear & complete view of the true value of the business, its operations and cash flows.

Through the use of our personalised & innovative adaptation of industrial business valuation best practices, we are able to successfully boost investors’ and other stakeholders’ confidence, and increase the possibilities of a win-win deal.

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