DataPrime consolidates its businesses and service offerings and launches a new website
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DataPrime consolidates its businesses and service offerings and launches a new website

Consolidated, bigger and better equipped to enable organizations thrive

With the ever increasing need for businesses to maximize wealth creation for stakeholders, owners and organizational leaders are constantly looking out for ways to increase revenue, reduce their cost and remain sustainable in the long run. Balancing these has been identified as the prevalent and the greatest challenge for 21st century business management. This challenge has also created new opportunities in the market. DataPrime is acquainted with this challenge and has emerged to offer a helping hand for harnessing the opportunities it brings.

DataPrime is a professional service provider in Dubai – UAE. It has two registered free zone companies (DataPrime Solutions FZCO and DataPrime Business Solutions DMCC) that cater to various needs of small and emerging UAE businesses. While the past has seen the service offerings of our companies as separate and somewhat unrelated, we have recently concluded a service – consolidation process. This initiative was taken to broaden business solution options for our customers to choose from.

This process gave birth to two broader categories of business solutions – Project Management and Business Support. Each of these has four distinct services that could be obtained separately or as a suite of solutions. Under the Business Support Services are Outsourced Strategic Accounting & Finance, IT Consultancy, Business Management Consultancy and Marketing Consultancy. And the Project Management Services include Business Startup/Setup, IT Projects, Marketing Projects and Event Management. Please read more about these services here!

These services have been designed to provide external resource personnel, who are able to expertly perform our clients’ internal day-to-day business activities at a reduced cost than would have been the case if performed by a permanent internal staff. To learn more about how we can support you grow your business, please contact us.

We shall be also sharing our insights and expertise through various periodic publications on our website. To subscribe, please bookmark our website and do not forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Remember, we are here to provide the helping hand you need as you grow your business.

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