Marketing Strategy and Business Remodelling

Marketing Strategy is the complete outlining of how a business intends to play and make use of its resources to capture all the identified market opportunities and realities in order to attain all its marketing goals.

Business Remodelling is the process of reengineering entire business processes, systems & structures, and the overhauling of resources in order to improve the current performance of a business based on the given realities and opportunities available in a given business environment.

These two draw greatly from the findings of a thorough market research and business performance evaluation. A business remodelling may involve altering an organization’s business and marketing strategy while a marketing strategy may require a remodelling of an organizational structure and culture.

Whatever it is, we help our business clients to gain a good diagnosis of their business performance within their given market of operation. We help them come up with a sound business model, marketing strategy and execution tactics that would result in profit maximization & business sustainability.

When we drive marketing strategy and/or support business remodelling for businesses, we include:

  • A robust marketing research & business evaluation,
  • Target market segmentation
  • Positioning strategy and implementation
  • Marketing mix planning
  • Execution planning and eventual execution
  • Change management support for business remodelling process

If our competences are not enough, we invite our partners from different industrial specialist firms to support the process. Our ultimate aim is always to ensure that each of the solutions we provide for our clients is a winner and second to none.