Keeping track of and maintaining accurate records of the day – to – day financial activities of any business is one of the most important factors when it comes to reestablishing and maintaining confidence as businesses and organisations emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic. This is the foundation upon which excellent and effective financial decisions will be made for/within any organisation. And DataPrime Solutions is here to support UAE local businesses, organisations, and individuals to reduce the cost of doing this by offering our premium Accounting & Financial services to them free of charge for two months.

Services We Offer!

Accounting and Finance

  • Data Entry
  • Accounting Reports
  • Bookkeeping

Tax Consulting

  • VAT Registration
  • VAT Claims
  • VAT Filing (Quarterly)
  • VAT related Services and Consulting

Business Assurance

  • Internal Audit Services
  • External Audit support
  • Audit Report Review and Consulting

Management Consulting

  • Chief Finance Officer
  • Company Formation & Valuation
  • Liquidation, Mergers and Acquisition
  • Financial Management Consulting
  • Due Diligence Services

Benefits of our Together Offer

  • Get 14 months Accounting and Finance Services for every 12 you pay for
  • Save over AED 30,000 on hiring and overhead cost
  • Enjoy professional services built over 40+ years of experience
  • Avail value-added services delivered on a part time basis and at part time cost
  • Overcome interruptions in services due to employee annual leave or absence
  • Establish integrity of in-house processes and prevent conflict of interest by using third party services

How it will work

Terms & Conditions of the offer

1. First two months of accounting is free of cost

  • Accounting will be set up on our systems Xero – which is an on-line platform. This is a paid subscription that will run only for 2 months and it is free for the client for first 2 months.
  • We will do the initial setup of the Company on the software
  • We will also set up the Chart of Accounts and create all necessary ledgers.
  • Client will be given “only view access”.
  • Client will need to send all data to us through electronic scans – No paper documents will be accepted. It is in the client’s interest to properly organise data and ensure it is clear.
  • Data will be entered in the manner that it is received.
  • Data entered into the system will be for only 2 months of current data. Back log data of past periods is not in the scope of this promotion and will be taken up as a separate assignment upon mutual agreement with the client.
  • This is a back-end service and therefore real time Inventory Management and real time invoicing of clients is not possible. Client will have to manage this.

2. Contract is required at the very beginning

  • Contract will state period as 14 months. The first two periods will be treated as a trial period and client may choose to not continue after the initial 2 months at no cost to the client.
  • Contract price will be for period of 12 months even though contract will be for 14 months including the trial period per (a) above.
  • The promotion is given only to those clients intending to complete the full 14-month period of the contract. Conditions apply for premature termination of the contract.
  • The free period of accounting will help us determine our fee level going forward. Fee level is normally dependent upon scope, volume, expectations, deliverables, and level of skill required.
  • Our minimum fee begins at AED 2500 per month (plus VAT 5%). It covers 15 hour of work per month.
  • This is an online accounting program and we will use phone, email and other media to communicate. Hence visits to client’s office and accounts related meetings are/will be only on a need basis.

3. Non-continuance and Termination – the client decided to discontinue services for any reason whatsoever during the entire 14-month period

  • The free offer of the first two-month trial period is revoked.
  • We will raise an invoice on the client for the following charges.
    • Monthly fee for the unpaid period (2 months trial) at the existing agreed rate. If no rate is agreed, we will advise based on work completed.
    • Onetime set up fee (Company Setup, Chart of accounts creation and all ledgers and master’s creation – AED 2500.00
    • Subscription notice period is 2 months. Any credit for remaining unused period after notice period can be adjusted against amounts due to us.
  • Once the above is paid, we will at our own cost arrange for back up of the client data into excel or csv formats and hand over the same to the client.
    • Alternatively, we can help the client take over the subscription and continue with the same software.
    • If the client decides to not take over, then we will cease subscription – which may result in the data being archived by the software vendor and any subsequent retrieval will be at a cost.

4. Following the initial 2-month trial period, if the client decides to continue.

  • Monthly fees will be agreed upon in writing between parties.
  • Payment terms are monthly – in advance.
  • Client will need to pay upfront the subscription fees for 14 months – current pricing is USD 30 per month for single currency. Should the client need multi-currency module – the current pricing is USD 40 per month.
  • Should client decide on using the same system for real time recording access to this module will be given for client to use it for their invoicing. Basic training will be provided to the client for this purpose.
  • Reports will be provided as generated from the system.
  • At the end of the 14-month period, subscription will be transferred to the client.

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